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"Life will never be the same again..."

How do you tell a story? How do you take a worthy look back upon an unparalleled career? When talking of L'âme Immortelle, these difficult questions become even more challenging: Since their formation in 1996, way too much has happened to apply an ordinary selection process. This already begins with the extraordinary prequel to their story: After playing in a Black Metal band, Thomas Rainer and Hannes Medwentisch join forces under the moniker L'âme Immortelle to realize their electronic visions – a fierce breach that will change the world of dark music forever.

"Across nocturnal floods I sing my desolate songs..."

First tracks are written, a female voice is being searched... but what reads rather dull on paper is in fact the onset of one of the Gothic movement's most influential bands. The singer they find is Sonja Kraushofer, one of the first written songs is "Life will never be the same again" - a classic to this day. One year later, the remarkable debut "Lieder die wie Wunden bluten" is released, an unprecedented amalgamation of harsh Dark Electro with melancholic, classical melody arcs and Sonja's characteristic voice. From there, their career accelerates in a way that has never been deemed possible for a project from that scene. They release "In einer Zukunft aus Tränen und Stahl" in 1998, present it on a tour with Christian Death and change their label from M.O.S. Records to the burgeoning Trisol Music Group.

"I gave you everything – my soul, my light..."

Where many other bands would have reached their final borders, L'âme Immortelle only just began. "Wenn der letzte Schatten fällt", their third studio album in three years, is set free in 1999. Once again, it offers their unique interplay of distorted Electro aggression and comforting Gothic elegies and leads the trio onto their first headliner tour. And the next premier is already close at hand: "Dann habe ich umsonst gelebt" storms the Top 50 of the German album charts. These highlights are interceded by the first crisis: For health reasons, Hannes decides to leave the band in 2002. Thomas and Sonja, however, decide to carry on as a duo – with prompt success: "Als die Liebe starb" climbs the charts up to position 38. For their tour, they recruit two newcomers as their support. Their names: ASP and Unheilig.

"Even if you don't hear the pleading in my voiceless cries..."

Logical consequence of this upward spiral: The band signs with G.U.N. Records, their to this day most successful work "Gezeiten" marks a break in their history: For the first time, dark rock elements gain domination, rank 16 in the charts is the well earned harvest of all the work and passion they put into their band. The singles "5 Jahre" and "Stumme Schreie" are played regularly on the music television channels – a more than uncommon picture and yet another proof of their pioneering spirit.

"Is there anybody out there who knows who I am?"

In 2006, "Auf deinen Schwingen" opens another chapter and marks the record most heavily influenced by dark rock. But not for long: 2008, the duo dives onward into its past, reunites with former label partner Trisol and releases the concept album "Namenlos". Dedicated to the unknown dead on the "Friedhof der Namenlosen" ("cemetery of the nameless") in Vienna, L'âme Immortelle brilliantly succeed in interpreting their own roots and present themselves much more electronic again. After the remix work "Durch fremde Hand", the band suddenly vanishes into hiding. Numerous rumours start to spread, prophets of doom already declare the end of their career – until, surprisingly and highly unexpected, they return full force with "Momente" – a release like a clap of thunder impressively cementing their iconic status. And just like in 1996, no one is able to say what this project is about to offer next...


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